The Granite Belt is a region in Queensland, Australia, known for its apples, stone fruit and an abundance of amazing wineries. The region’s cold winter’s and warm, clear summers make it the perfect location for a getaway all year round.  Here are 5 reasons you need to visit the Granite Belt now:

Cooler Climate

The Granite Belt sits high on a plateau of the Great Dividing Range, ranging from 700 – 1200m above sea level.  Recognised as Australia’s highest wine producing region, not to mention Queenlands coldest region, its subtropical climate makes it the ideal location for growing stone fruit, apples and of course grapes. It is also a great place to visit to escape the hot, humid summers that Queensland is known for.  Winter in the region is characterised by pleasant sunny days with temperatures around 15 °C and cold nights with temperatures reaching 1°C – 2 °C overnight. These temperatures provide a pleasant contrast to the warm and humid coastal temperatures experienced across the rest of the state.  It’s no wonder that Winter is the region’s busiest time of year as travellers flock to the region to enjoy snuggling up by cosy log fires and the chance of snow. 

Wine Tourism

With so many wineries in the area, the Granite Belt is a top destination for wine lovers. Visitors to the region can explore the raft of wineries on bike, self drive or on a guided wine tour.  A guided tour is a great way to enjoy the wineries without worrying about who’s going to drive.  A local tour guide can also ensure you visit the wineries that best match your preferred wine style.  Tourists can book the tours through the wineries themselves, or they can book a tour with a local tour company.

Lavender Fields Forever

If you love lavender, then you will love the Granite Belt. Lavender fields are scattered all over the area, and you can see them fully bloom during the spring. You can even pick your lavender and take a bunch home with you.

There are also lavender farms and homesteads in the area, where you can learn about the history of lavender in the Granite Belt. There are also many lavender products for sale, so you can take home some floral-scented souvenirs.

Restaurant Choices

There are many excellent restaurants in the Granite Belt. You can find anything from pub grub to fine dining. There are even some great winery restaurants so that you can enjoy a glass of world-class wine with your meal.

There are also many cafes so that you can enjoy a casual meal or snack. You can even find some excellent bakeries, where you can get delicious local bread and pastries. As they say, tourists will never go hungry once they’re on Granite Belt soil.

Countryside Experience

The Granite Belt is a beautiful place to spend your holidays. It’s a great place to enjoy the countryside and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are many beautiful bushwalks, with plenty of stunning scenery for those keen to enjoy a scenic drive.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, there are plenty of accommodation options, from camping and caravan parks to bed and breakfasts and hotels. Therefore, coming to Stanthorpe to experience the Granite Belt should feel like fresh air.


There are so many reasons to visit the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe. The area has a lot to offer and is a great place to visit all year round. Therefore, check out Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt, no matter what experience you’re looking for.

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