Just under 3 hours drive southwest from Brisbane, in Queensland’s Southern Downs regions, is the quaint town of Stanthorpe.  Although it is possible to enjoy the town on a day trip, to fully experience what the region has to offer, you really do need a few days. Here are some activities tourists should try at least once during their stay in Stanthorpe.

Taste Truffles

Truffles are one of the world’s most expensive foods, known for being notoriously hard to grow, taking years to cultivate.  These strong smelling fungus are often confused with mushrooms, however these edible spores are typically dug up from under the ground. 

The Folly Truffles claim to be the first commercial truffle grown in Stanthorpe. For tourists wanting to visit their truffle farm, it’s best to come from June to August every year as it is the peak season for the truffles. They can even let tourists join their dogs in hunting for elusive truffles. However, there are all-year-round tours available for those who can’t make it during the peak seasons.

Do Wine Tours

Since Stanthorpe is famous for its wineries with a number of vineyards and cellar doors scattered across the area, joining a wine tour while in the Granite Belt is a no-brainer. Enjoy the best-tasting wines produced by various wineries made from Stanthorpe-grown grapes.  A guided wine tour will allow you to savour the best of the region’s wines without the worry of driving.  Your local guide will also be able to show you a range of small batch wine producers that you may never have heard of, but are sure to fall in love with.

Shop For Fresh Produce

Since agriculture is a thriving industry in Stanthorpe, shopping for fresh produce is also an activity that tourists should not miss out on. Buying direct from the farmer means you are guaranteed freshness, while also ensuring the farmers get a fair price for their wares. Depending on your time of travel you may be able to purchase freshly picked apples, pears, grapes, stone fruit, strawberries plus a range of other fruit and vegetables. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for ‘farm gates’ or ‘fresh fruit’ signs scattered around the area.

Drop By Stanthorpe Cheese Shop

Aside from excellent wines, Stanthorpe is also home to the best cheeses on the market. The Stanthorpe Cheese Shop features an incredible selection of dairy cheeses and is the perfect stop for a delicious coffee or light meal. 

Check Out Big Thermometer

Last on the list is visiting the Big Thermometer, built to recognise Stanthorpe’s title of  Queensland’s coldest town. Today, it is a popular tourist destination where visitors can take a few snaps and record just how cold it was during their visit. Afterwards, visitors can take an easy walk alongside the lovely Quart Pot creekside and feel the cold breeze on their skin.


There are so many activities tourists can enjoy in Stanthorpe.  Whether you are looking for all day activities or a couple of quick stops, you are sure to have a ball when visiting the Granite Belt.  However, taking a tour in Queensland is not complete without finding the best accommodations Stanthorpe offers.

Therefore, aside from booking activities ahead of the visit, tourists should also consider checking out the hotels and cottages available and choosing where they would stay while touring. 

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