It’s no surprise that pets are often treated just like any other member of the family.  They can even join us on holidays or getaways, however travelling with pets is not as easy as travelling with human family members only.

Because of this, it’s important that pet owners ensure their beloved pets get the training they need to stay comfortable and safe throughout the journey—and training should start weeks before the trip. But what should pet owners do to enjoy a successful holiday? Here are some ideas:

1. Condition the Pets

Pets need to learn how to become comfortable in unfamiliar environments. Conditioning them is a great way to get them used to travelling. A few weeks before the trip, bring them along for short rides, as it should help them get used to the car.

On the day of the trip, make sure to give them plenty of time to use the restroom before getting in the car. A long car ride can be stressful for a pet, so try to make frequent stops so they can stretch their legs and relieve themselves.

2. Find the Best Travel Method

There are many ways to travel with pets, and choosing the best for your pet is a must. If you’re travelling by car, consider buying a pet car seat. If you are travelling by plane, check with the airline first to ensure your pet is allowed and to find out what carrier size is permitted.

Meanwhile, pet owners might also want to consider a pet sitter or boarding kennel if they travel for an extended period. Whichever way you choose to travel with your pet, be sure to do your research and make the best decision for your furry friend.

3. Ensure the Pet’s Comfort

For some pets, travel can be stressful. Many are scared of cars and planes, so it’s best to get them used to transport before you travel. Start by going on short car rides and gradually increase the distance. From there, they should become more comfortable with the idea of travelling.

Also, make sure that your pet is comfortable with the travel carrier. If your pet is a puppy or kitten, teach them to associate the travel carrier with something positive. For instance, put a particular toy in the carrier and give them a treat when they enter it.

4. Schedule Toilet Breaks

Pets are great companions on road trips and can make the journey much more fun. They can make the travel times seem shorter while keeping their owners on the road. However, planning and preparing for any potential problems is essential.

Pets have smaller bladders, so you may have to stop for toilet breaks frequently. If you’re driving, plan for a rest stop every two hours. If you’re flying, ensure your pet empties its bladder before boarding.

5. Pack Their Needs

Pets need to feel comfortable on their journey. Like humans, they will need a few things while travelling. Therefore, packing their favourite toys, blanket or bed, food, and water should help them stay still. A small bag with their essentials will make the trip more comfortable for them.


Travelling with pets is possible, but it takes a bit more planning. Ensuring your pet is prepared for the journey, packing their needs, and checking your destination are all critical. Also, ensure your pet is up to date on all their vaccinations and that you have their records with you.

Once you arrive at your destination, take some time to explore with your pet and find the best places for them to relieve themselves. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask about their pet policies and whether there are any designated areas for pets.

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