If you love great food and wine, then Stanthorpe and the greater Granite Belt area should definitely be on your list of must visit locations.  The area is famous for two things: wineries and fresh fruit, particularly apples, stone fruit and strawberries. 

With an abundance of local produce, it’s no wonder that the region’s restaurants are renowned for offering flavoursome dishes that are sure to make your mouth water.

Here are a few of the region’s restaurants that are definitely worth visiting when you’re next in the Granite Belt.

Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant

Address: 146 Glenlyon Drive, Stanthorpe, QLD

Warm and inviting is how customers describe the Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant, and they are not just talking about the space. Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant is a pet-friendly Stanthorpe restaurant that serves delectable seasonal delights using the freshest ingredients harvested in the region. From snacks and desserts to entrees and mains, Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant has the best beer and wine pairing in mind for you to enjoy.

When you want to bundle up in a warm cabin with great food you can eat and reheat, Granite Belt Brewery restaurant has you covered. You can rent one of their cabins, get a good selection of in-cabin meals, and enjoy life in your lovely cabin next to a fire.

What to Eat: Chorizo & Pumpkin Pizza, Pulled Pork & Slaw Burger, Tenterfield Venison Pie, Spiced Tortilla Crusted Barramundi, and Stuffed Local Mushrooms

What Else People Love: Beer Tasting Paddle, Roasted Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Stack, In-Cabin Meals, Vegan Options, Sticky BBQ Wings, anything off the Beer list.

Blue Topaz Diner

Address: 26806 New England Highway, Severnlea, QLD

A mere five minutes away from Stanthorpe, stands the groovy Blue Topaz Diner. You can enjoy some of the most affordable burgers that Granite Belt has to offer in plush restaurant booths reminiscent of the 1950s. Get all the classic diner foods you would ever want. Be it sweet, salty, spicy, and even boozy, the Blue Topaz Diner has something to make your taste buds dance in absolute bliss.

You want something for the road at the Blue Topaz too. They were named the region’s best takeaway place, after all.

What to Eat: The Big Topaz, Milkshake, Potato Wedges, and Cheesy Chips.

What Else People Love: The Burning Angus, Chilli Cheesy Chips, Loaded Hot Dog, Boozy Slushies, and Cocktail Shakes.

Aussie Beef Steakhouse

Address: 1 High Street, Stanthorpe, QLD

Proudly sitting in the last building in High Street, Aussie Beef Steakhouse is a Stanthorpe institution most loved for satisfying meat-lovers. This Stanthorpe establishment has won many Trip Advisor Excellence awards and prides itself on offering customers the best steak meals at reasonable prices using the freshest ingredients.

From rib and eye fillets to porterhouses and rib on the bone, Aussie Beef Steakhouse has it all, serving it with your choice of sauce and sides. If you’re not in the mood for beef or have food sensitivities, don’t worry because there are food options available for you. 

What to Eat: Yardstick Rib Fillet (Marble 2+) paired with a great glass of wine or cold mug of beer.

What Else People Love: Anything off the Steak menu, Mixed Grill, and Seafood Starters.


The Granite Belt region may be well-known and loved for its wines and beers, but it is so much more than that. It is home to majestic views, quaint shops showcasing a range of local products, tastiest cheeses, freshest produce, and the friendliest people. Granite Belt and Stanthorpe restaurants like the Aussie Beef Steakhouse, Blue Topaz Diner, and the Granite Brewery Restaurant are culinary gems that attest to that.

Whether you’re visiting just for the day or are planning a full-weekend epicurean quest, go to the Granite Belt. Explore the sights, meet the people, and marvel at the delicious dishes that the region has in store for you.

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