The Granite Belt region is home to a host of amazing wineries, with the area’s distinct seasons and rocky soil helping produce low yielding and high quality grapes.  With the wine region growing in popularity and recognition, so too has the number of Granite Belt wineries.  To help you choose the best Stanthorpe wineries to visit on your next trip to the Granite Belt, we have put together a list of our favourite Stanthorpe wineries that we just know you will love.  

1. Pyramids Road Wines

Pyramids Road Wines was started in 1999, when owners Warren and Sue Smith decided to move to the Granite Belt for a change of lifestyle.  Leaving the Sunshine Coast behind, the couple started to plant their vineyard with a dream of producing high quality, small batch wines.

The family-owned business, produce a range of delicious wines including Petit Verdot, Chardonnay, Mourvedre, Merlot and Shiraz.   As a result, their family business grew and became a well-known institution after over 20 years. Until today, Pyramids Road Wines manufacture in small batches to maintain high standards.

2. Tobin Wines

Tobin Wines is another local winery offering a range of amazing wines that showcase the rugged origins of the Granite Belt vines.   Their philosophy is simple: wine is grown, not made.  Although their approach is seen as “old world,” their process of creating wines is focused on the perfection of grape quality, with a less is more approach to winemaking.

As a result, they are one of the best wine brands in the Granite Belt.  However with just 100 to 160 cases produced per year— you had better get in quick, or you could miss out.

3. Ballandean Estate Wines

Ballandean Estate Wines is Queensland’s oldest winery. Established by the Puglisi family in 1932, they continue to produce some of the best wines in the area. Their cellar door is open for tastings every day from 9 AM to 5 PM, closed Christmas and Good Friday. As well as offering wine tastings they have recently opened the Granite Belt’s first wine lounge. The Barrelroom allows visitors to sit back, relax and indulge in fine wine and platters of local produce. Guests can also enjoy a wine flight in the courtyard while taking in the beauty of the vineyard and surrounding area. Be sure to visit Ballandean Estate Wines and indulge in years of perfecting wines.

4. Harrington Glen Estate

Harrington Glen Estate is a boutique winery in the Granite Belt, Southeast Queensland. The multi-awarded brand specialises in wines of the highest quality. But aside from excellent white wines, they also offer accommodation where tourists can stay and enjoy the venue. Come and experience the combination of passion and lovely views from Harrington Glen Estate.

5. Symphony Hill Wines

Symphony Hill Wines was a quest between family and friends to create world-class wines from the rugged, cool climate of the Granite Belt. Over the years it has grown and developed into one of the regions most successful wine brands, with a focus on small batch, high end wines.  There range includes lesser known varietals like Viognier, Albarino, Fiano, Graciana and Pinot Noir. The winery combines years of experience, with a desire to keep on learning and developing and is a must visit when in the region.


The quest to make world-class wine is a never-ending journey. These wineries are just a few of the Granite Belt’s amazing wine producers, with the region jam packed full of great wineries to visit. 

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