Organising a holiday with your family can be tricky when you have a fur baby to take care of. Rather than leaving your dog with a house sitter or in a kennel, why not book a getaway at a pet-friendly cabin.   

Before you rush out and book your accommodation, it’s worth noting that traveling with pets does require a little extra research.  It’s important your preferred destination has suitable accommodation for you and your pet and that the local attractions are accessible with your dog.  

Below are a few pointers to assist you in locating an establishment that welcomes your fluffy household member with open arms.

Be Honest about Your Pet

When looking to book a pet-friendly cabin, it is best to lay your cards on the table. Declaring that you will be bringing a chihuahua when it is actually a St. Bernard is not likely to go down well and jeopardise your stay or deposit. 

Moreover, make sure you understand the owner’s pet policy, required deposit amount, allowed animal types, and other factors. Ensure to clarify the rules in writing before making a deposit to avoid misunderstandings.

Browse Websites with Pet-Friendly Filters

Start your search for a pet-friendly property by visiting websites with filters for your desired location that accept household animals. This will help ensure you are looking through photos of cabins where your pet is welcome. 

After discovering some pet-friendly options, do more research to see if your pet’s specific breed or size is welcome. Some pet friendly accommodation will have restrictions based on the size and number of their guests’ pets. It’s worthwhile getting in touch with the property directly if you have any specific concerns or questions.

Inquire about Deposits and cleaning fees

Most pet-friendly accommodation providers require a pet deposit, so find out as much as you can about the total amount and how you can get it back after your stay.  It’s also important to understand if the accommodation provider charges a pet cleaning fee.

Opt for Pet-Friendly Locations

Naturally, you’ll have a better chance of finding pet-friendly accommodation in known pet-friendly areas. You can even narrow your options by focusing on the activities that your pet enjoys doing the most with you. Keep in mind that the ideal vacation rental should put you close to a variety of fun things to do.

Read Guest Reviews

The majority of accommodation websites post feedback from previous renters. Make sure you read them carefully and focus on comments about how easy or difficult it is to work with the owners.

Take a Trip to the property

Try arrange a visit to the property before booking, as this will help you get a feel for the property and see the facilities first hand.  


It is always an excellent idea to be honest and upfront when asking about pet-friendliness in a cabin. When you succeed in booking one, make sure you follow the rules for the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

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