Are you heading to the Granite Belt region for the first time? Then this quick guide will give you a few ideas of our must visit attractions that we know you are going to love.

1. Jester Hills Wines

If you’re planning to visit the Granite Belt, you shouldn’t miss seeing Jester Hills Wines. It is a family-owned winery located in the middle of the Granite Belt. The winery offers a wide range of red wines, white wines, rosé wines, sparkling wines, and dessert wines.

Visitors can also taste the wine or have lunch at the winery, as there is a cafe within the premises. Overall, Jester Hills Wines is an ideal venue for tourists wanting to taste the world-class wines Granite Belt has to offer while enjoying the place’s incredible sights.

2. Suttons Juice Factory

Suttons Juice Factory is an orchard run by a couple with the “farm to plate” philosophy. They grow apples, which are then processed into fruit products like ciders, jams, and juice. Suttons Farm offers an orchard tour where tourists can pick the apples themselves.  

Meanwhile, the cafe garden inside the orchard is ideal for tourists to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh produce. As well as making the world’s best apple pie, it is also a great spot grab a couple of items like fruit juices and preserves, as well as some delicious fruit liquors.

3. Girraween National Park

Girraween National Park is a scenic reserve that crosses the Queensland and New South Wales border. The park has a variety of native Australian plants and animals, as well as some absolute breathtaking rock formations. The park is located on the road between Stanthorpe and Tenterfield.

Various activities are available at the park, including bush walks, bird watching, rock climbing, mountain biking, and camping. Aside from the scenic views, tourists can also enjoy extreme and physical activities in the area. Explore the park, respect the venue, and get the best out of your trip.

4. Queen Mary Falls

Queen Mary Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and is just an hour drive from Stanthorpe. The falls are located in the Scenic Rim Region of Queensland. The falls are approximately 80 metres high and plunge into a gorge. The place is accessible by a boardwalk constructed in the area.

There are also several walking tracks available in the area. It is also a great place to camp while exploring the bush. Queen Mary Falls is also home to several animals, including kangaroos and koalas. Get the best out of your trip by enjoying the various activities available in the area.

5. Stanthorpe Cheese

Stanthorpe Cheese is a family-owned cheese factory North of Stanthorpe, in the Granite Belt Region of Queensland. The factory produces a range of cheeses, including cheddar and mozzarella. The cheese is made from fresh milk sourced from local farms.

The factory offers various cheese types, ranging from hard to soft consistencies. Tourists can shop online for gift certificates or in person for cheeses in their physical stores. But after shopping, tourists can drop by their cafes and enjoy cheese boards and various snacks.


Granite Belt is an ideal destination for first-time tourists. The region offers various activities and attractions to suit all interests. Several walking and hiking trails are available for those who want to explore the area’s natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or an action-packed adventure, the Granite Belt has something to offer everyone.

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