Aside from meeting some marsupials, visiting Australia should offer various opportunities to visit restaurants, cafes, and wineries. However, if you’re coming to a wine region like Stanthorpe in Queensland’s south west, there are more things to do than just wine-tasting. Here are some activities tourists should consider while in Stanthorpe.

1. Apple Pie Tasting

Sutton’s is a local favourite, notable orchard found in the chilliest part of Queensland. Their early beginnings revolved around practising the farm-to-table philosophy. Today, they are more than an orchard growing juicy apples, supplying a huge chunk of the country. Instead, they create products from homegrown apples like ciders and apple pies.

Find Sutton’s beside the New England highway for tourists wanting to taste the sweet and sour mix of their apple pies. Locate the pink and bright sign with the word “Sutton’s” and head to the direction where the arrow points. From there, follow the path to Stanthorpe’s juiciest apples, sweetest apple juice, and delectable apple pies.

2. Indulge in Cheese

Stanthorpe Cheese has been a staple in the artisan cheese industry for the past 12 years. Found 10 minutes north of Stanthorpe, they create the best cheeses from pure-bred Jersey cows on a farm. The grass-fed milk producers indulge in their natural diets, producing bright yellow and earthy aroma-infused cheeses.

Tourists who would want to see the cows feed on the grass in action should come during summer. It is the season most favourable as cows hide from chilling temperatures during winter and spring. Also, the farmers resort to feeding the cows hay to supplement their appetite due to the lack of fresh grass during winter.

3. Visit Stanthorpe’s ‘Big Apple’

New York isn’t the only big apple in the world. In Stanthorpe, the big apple is a symbol erected to remember the place’s association with apples. It is an enormous image of an apple sitting on top of the pole most tourists enjoy taking photos with. On the other hand, tourists who would like to try the whole big apple experience can come during February as the community celebrates the Stanthorpe Apple festival during the month.

Since its creation in 1978, tourists worldwide have come to see the big apple found in Stanthorpe. Although it used to wear a green skin, changing it to a Royal Gala apple colour made the monument more iconic than ever—cementing Stanthorpe’s identity as the grapes and apple region worldwide.

4. Meet Local Wildlife

Tourists who visit other countries to explore their nature should enjoy staying at Quart Pot Creek. The length follows granite country, goes through Stanthorpe, and ends in the southwest. As a result, it meets with Spring Creek, forming the Severn River. It used to be an unruly venue due to the existence of wild plants. However, the local council decided to clean up the banks to encourage more people to use the area for picnics and other recreational activities.

Nowadays, the Quart Pot Creek is an ideal venue for tourists to exercise, bike, and find peace while on vacation. Meanwhile, the creek also offers an opportunity to meet local wildlife like ducks that swim around the area. Tourists should feed them bread if they can. Lastly, enjoy an afternoon while sleeping underneath a tree shade away from the city.


Although Stanthorpe is popular among tourists for its high-quality wines, the wine region can also be family-friendly due to its activities. Before hitting the wineries, bring your family to some of Stanthorpe’s best restaurants, cafes, or parks and make them remember the trip for a lifetime.

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