Stanthorpe is home to a variety of wineries, pubs, restaurants, cafes and more. It can be difficult choosing from so many awesome spots to visit, especially when you only have a couple of days to explore.  One place that is a must visit when visiting Stanthorpe or the Granite Belt is Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery & Cafe.

Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery & Cafe is a family business owned and run by our good mates Dave and Ros Sutton. Sutton’s offers something for everyone with a range of different experiences including an apple orchard, juice factory, cidery, distillery and cafe. 

Continue reading if you’re hoping to learn more about Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery & Cafe in Stanthorpe.

The Apple Farm

The apple farm or orchard grows more than 30 kinds of apples. From the classic Granny Smith to everyone’s favourite, The Pink Lady, and many more you have likely never heard of. 

These are all sold at the Sutton’s Shed Cafe, alongside some treats and other fruits that you may want to indulge in. You can also grab a couple of fresh lemons or apricots to take home with your apples.

The Apple Picking

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at apple picking, Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery & Cafe has you covered. It can be a lot of fun combing through the orchard, taking loads of instaworthy pictures as you pick your stash of apples. 

The Apple Tasting

When visiting Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery & Cafe, make sure to leave time for a little apple tasting session. You can try all types of apples and treats as well. Sutton’s is filled to the brim with their spin on apple dishes and drinks. Try out a few or take them home. Here are some of the ones you shouldn’t miss:

  • Apple Juice. There are tons of different apple juices to try at Sutton’s. Be sure to try some of the unique apple juice mixes for something a little different.


  • Apple Conserve. If you’re eyeing a sweet dessert, apple conserve can be quite the comfort food. Made with brown sugar and syrup, the apples are caramelised and softened into this jam texture that’s to die for.

  • Apple Brandy. Think brandy is just for your nanna? Think again.  This delicious apple brandy retains its apple flavour while giving you a bit of a kick.  So if you’re looking for something a little different and a little stiffer, be sure to try their apple brandy. 
  • Apple Cider. Apple cider from Sutton’s is one of the most renowned products in Stanthorpe. Bottles of it have won awards and attained recognition from all around Australia, which is telling of its reputation. 

  • Apple Pie. There is no better apple pie… anywhere. Sutton’s huge slices of apple pie are famous for melting in your mouth. Add some cream or icecream and you are in heaven.


If you ever find yourself in Stanthorpe, be sure to visit to Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery and Cafe. It’s not just a cafe, but also an orchard and much more. Once you visit, you’ll likely leave with bottles and cartons of apple goodies.

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