Eating out is one of the best parts of a holiday or weekend getaway.  Not only do you get to experience new restaurants and cafes, but it also provides an opportunity to try dishes or delicacies that utilise ingredients that may be local to that region.  Stanthorpe is no different with a range of different foods for you to enjoy, including Kangaroo, finger limes, bush peppers and even truffles.  

However, if you find yourself in the Granite Belt and in need of a good burger spot, then we have got you covered. Here are some of the must-try burgers in the area. 

Must-Try Food Establishments in the Granite Belt Area

Blue Topaz Diner

First on our list is a diner well-known for its retro aesthetic, reminiscent of American diners. Blue Topaz Diner has been steadily drawing attention for quite some time now after the diner has consistently provided good food and quality service to the region.

The diner’s menu features a whopping thirteen burger options, with traditional beef, seafood, vegetarian, and pork choices available. Aside from burgers, Blue Topaz Diner also serves loaded chips, hotdogs, bites and other snacks, and milkshakes. There’s also a Kids Menu for tiny tots with smaller appetites. 

Cafe 77

Another excellent option for burgers and quick bites is Cafe 77. The place is a quaint establishment most known for its reasonably priced menu, featuring fifteen burger options. Some come with chicken, fish, or vegetarian patties. It’s also worth noting that burgers are available with side dishes, like thick-cut fries.

Cafe 77’s food may be the main star of the show, but the restaurant’s ambience and interior are noteworthy as well. The casual setting makes it possible to have pleasant conversations with companions, and the alfresco seating gives you the chance to see the sights while you’re eating. 

Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant

While you’re in the area, you may always want to give Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant a visit, especially if you’re looking to try an exquisite barbecue pulled pork burger. Granite Belt Brewery Restaurant’s pulled pork burger features in-house pulled pork sandwiched between freshly baked buns, served with slaw and chips.

The restaurant also offers other dishes, such as a Steak Sandwich and a Vietnamese Style Tofu Salad. Their dessert options also make perfect endings to hearty meals. Granite Belt Brewery offers locally brewed beer and wine if you’re looking to unwind at the end of the day.  

Stanthorpe Fish Bar & Takeaway

For mouthwatering seafood and Korean dishes, Stanthorpe Fish Bar & Takeaway is one of the top choices when you’re in the Granite Belt area. The restaurant’s menu also features a classic beef burger, which offers traditional flavours. Aside from the classic burger, Stanthorpe Fish Bar & Takeaway has fish and chicken burgers, although there is a lack of vegan and vegetarian options.

Stanthorpe Fish Bar & Takeaway allows customers to dine on the premises, but the restaurant truly shines because of its takeaway services. Get your food to go and take advantage of the many picnic spots in the area. 

Final Course

Granite Belt is a bustling location with plenty to offer locals and tourists. Here, you’ll find countless restaurants with diverse menus, but very few serve quality burgers like those featured above. Why not have a good meal while seeing the sights to complete your day out? You may even find a forever-restaurant, one that will have you coming back time and again for their tasty menu. 

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