Visiting Granite Belt during the weekends offers many opportunities to explore, try out new activities, and dine in the best restaurants in Stanthorpe. However, since more people visit the small town on Saturdays and Sundays, finding a place to eat during peak hours can be tricky.

However, since Stanthorpe is home to the best restaurants in Granite Belt, finding a new food place should come quickly. But nothing beats coming to the most iconic and popular food spots in town. Therefore, where should you go? Here are some suggestions.

1. Sutton’s

Sutton’s is a must-visit spot in Stanthorpe. It is a family-run cafe restaurant that serves up delicious, home-cooked meals. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list, so you can enjoy a glass of your favourite drop while tucking into your meal.

Known for homemade pies, Sutton’s owns an orchard where they get their apples to make apple pies. They specialise in using only the best ingredients to create pies packed with delicious flavour. 

2. Stanthorpe Cheese Factory

The Stanthorpe Cheese Factory is the perfect place to visit for those who love cheese. The factory produces a wide variety of cheeses, from cheddar to brie. They also have a range of gourmet cheeses, such as truffle brie and blue cheese.

The factory also offers a café serving cheese platters and other delicious dishes. Their cheesecakes are famous to tourists, often a sought-after treat after heavy meals. Customers can also pick up some of their cheeses to take home and enjoy.

3. Essen

Essen is an exciting destination for foodies of all kinds. The restaurant features an ever-changing menu, lasting for a few days at a time. Meanwhile, they specialise in multi-course offerings, starting with appetisers and ending with mouth watering desserts.

However, this award-winning restaurant does not offer a separate menu for kids. Therefore, there may be better places for families with kids. But it is the perfect spot for dinner dates and romantic night outs for couples.

4. Little Pomme

Little Pomme is a cafe, store, online boutique, and bakery in one. Starting from the idea of a relatively new mother, Little Pomme is a labour of love that aims to make small things in life feel special.

Little Pomme is the perfect spot for those in need of a caffeine hit or those who want a simple and relaxed place to catch up with friends. You can also browse the range of goodies in their shop, which is full of things that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

5. Hanasaku

Hanasaku is a Japanese restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. They serve traditional Japanese cuisine, from sushi to ramen, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques. Their popular items include takoyaki, katsu, and udon.

They also serve sashimi and sushi—essential Japanese restaurant menu items. However, what makes them an excellent destination for a weekend getaway is their wide variety of drinks, from local wines, sake, and beers.


There is always a Stanthorpe restaurant perfect for people to visit on weekends. Whether you’re in the mood for an Italian feast, a traditional pub meal, or something a little different, there’s a restaurant in Stanthorpe for you.

No matter what kind of restaurant you’re looking for, you’ll find something to suit your tastes in Stanthorpe. So why not come and visit us this weekend and enjoy a great meal in one of our beautiful restaurants?

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