Aside from being a visual destination, Stanthorpe is also home to restaurants serving the best meals in the area. The region is known for its great fresh produce, which ensures the local eateries have a wide variety of locally sourced fruit, vegetables and meat for their dishes.

With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, picking the best option can be a challenge.   So for people visiting the Granite Belt for the first time, and are unsure which restaurants they should go to, here are some ideas.

1. St. Jude’s Cellar Door & Bistro

Considered a neighbourhood institution, St. Jude’s Cellar Door & Bistro is a restaurant serving fresh, wholesome, and delicious bistro-style food. As Australia is a land packed with new and quality produce, St. Jude’s uses it to their advantage.

They open from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 8 AM to 4 AM. But aside from being a restaurant, St. Jude’s is also home to the best wines in Stanthorpe, allowing guests to choose the wines according to their tastes and preferences. Visit them at 28200 New England HWY.

2. Aussie Beef Steakhouse

Located at 1 High St., Stanthorpe, Aussie Beef Steakhouse offers premium-quality steaks for locals and tourists alike. Aside from single servings, they also accommodate group services for guests with a vast number of people with them.

Overall, Aussie Beef SteakHouse is ideal for dining in small and big groups. They offer entrees and desserts, allowing people to choose which food items they like best. But more importantly, their premium steaks are Australian treasures tourists shouldn’t miss.

3. Balancing Heart Vineyard

Known before as Balancing Heart Wines, now Balancing Heart Vineyard’s owner bought the property in 2020. Since then, the plans to turn it into one of Australia’s most-visited vineyards slowly became a reality as the property became a one-stop destination for all.

The venue is at 221 Old Wallangarra Rd., Wyberba, and is perfect for various occasions. But aside from good food, they also have an extensive wine cellar where people can choose the wines they want depending on their tastes and preferences.

4. Essen Restaurant

Essen is an Austrian or German term for meal, dinner, or food to eat. Standing true to its name, the restaurant crafts home-cooked style meals for people craving the comfort of their homes. But what sets them apart from other restaurants is their ever-changing menu.

Located at 2 McGregor Terrace, Stanthorpe, their menu changes weekly, depending on ingredient availability and seasonality. Eat at Essen today, open from Wednesday to Saturday, and catch the dinner service at 5:30 PM or 7:30 PM.


Stanthorpe is a beautiful town to visit and spend the weekend in. The town is a great place to visit with family and friends, especially if you love to eat, drink, and discover local food and wine. If you’re visiting Stanthorpe and looking for accommodation, why not check out Granite Belt Retreat today?

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