Sometimes, families simply want to enjoy a family getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, but with enough outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained.  As a result, finding a tourist destination where people can bring their kids can become challenging. The Southern Downs region is a fabulous option, with a great range of kid-friendly activities and attractions that are sure to get the kids excited. But where should families go if they want to visit Southern Downs? Here are some ideas.

1. Snap Photos at the Big Apple

The Big Apple is a giant fruit sculpture in Stanthorpe. While it is not a tourist destination, it is still a place that is worth visiting, as it has become one of the most recognisable destinations in the area. It simply features a large apple that people stand against.

The big apple traces a long history. Being built in 1978, it was initially for a gas station in Applethorpe. However, a few decades later, the sculpture was transferred to Thulimbah, which became its home for the last few years since 2003.

2. Pick Fruits in the Orchards

The Granite Belt is well-known for its fruit and produce. Visitors can pick fruits, such as apples and pears, during the harvest season. The picking season is usually between February to May. However, some of the fruits in the area are available all year round.

There are many orchards in Southern Downs, and each offers a different fruit people can harvest. For example, Ballandean Estate Wines is a family-operated winery located in the heart of Stanthorpe. Tourists can pick apples, pears, and other fruits.

3. Go Camping Under the Stars

The Southern Downs is home to many camping sites, making it the perfect destination for campers. Most campgrounds are located on the lake’s edge, allowing tourists to enjoy fishing, swimming, and other water sports.

If you’re a camper looking for a unique experience, camp under the stars in the Southern Downs. The area is home to several stargazing spots and is known for its clear night skies. Disconnecting once in a while should teach kids to value quality time.

4. Explore Granite Pyramids

Ballandean, mostly unknown to the public, hides granite blocks made into pyramids. Each structure is different, with one standing at 17.5 meters in height with a 30-meter square base containing 7,500 tons of rocks.

However, unlike the pyramids in Egypt, the pyramids in Southern Downs were built using machines and heavy equipment. People used an excavator and a dump truck, taking the entire building process eight months to finish.

5. Walk Through Spring Flowers

The Southern Downs is also a springtime paradise. The flowers bloom from mid-August to early September, making the whole place a vibrant scene of colours. Tourists can visit Girraween National Park, where they can see various spring flowers bloom.

The flowers grow in the wilds of Stanthorpe and the surrounding areas, making the Southern Downs a perfect destination for nature lovers. People can just sit back and enjoy the view or take a long walk to explore the area.

6. Visit the Granite Belt Christmas Farm

For those visitors who wish everyday could be Christmas, the Granite Belt Christmas Farm is the perfect destination.  Set on 20 acres just outside of Stanthorpe, the farm is one of the area’s most popular spots.  Visitors can dine in Mrs Claus Kitchen or feed and pat the farmyard animals including Santa’s reindeer.  Families are free to wander through the fields of real Christmas trees and if you visit in harvest season, you can even pick the perfect tree for your family festivities. Their  Mistletoe Store has over 20,000 Christmas decorations making it the ideal stop for all things Christmas.


The Southern Downs is a beautiful region in Australia that is perfect for a summer holiday. It has beautiful scenery and delightful weather, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. However, it is also safe and ideal for families wanting to bring kids on a trip.

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