Lifestyle aficionados have been joyfully glamping their way throughout Australia, experiencing all of the various forms and levels of this new trend, which is known as luxury camping or glamping. And if you find yourself in Stanthorpe, glamping is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Continue reading to get a glimpse of this wonderful lifestyle adventure.

What to Expect in a Glamping Adventure

In glamping, luxury conveniences are paired with untamed, breathtaking nature. It’s perfect for those who want to explore the world without sacrificing basic conveniences such as a mattress, running water and a toilet. 

Glamping is more comfortable than the usual camping we’re used to. If you want to enjoy the outdoors while still prioritising comfort, glamping is for you. 

The best thing about glamping is that it’s not confined to a single setup. Some glamping experiences can be in a cabin, dome, cottage, igloo or treehouse. With glamping, the possibilities are endless.

Advantages of Glamping

One of the reasons people go glamping is the opportunity to unplug. When you’re on a glamping trip, you can focus on the moment, enjoy nature and just appreciate the company of your friends or family. Since you will probably get limited power during your stay, you also won’t get tempted to reply to work-related emails or browse social media on your phone.

There are also a lot of activities you can enjoy apart from just glamping. Usually, glamping sites offer activities like canoeing, guided treks, campfire cookouts and even archery. You may also bring your preferred entertainment and activities; just make sure these aren’t harmful to nature.

Most importantly, glamping enables you to appreciate slow living and the beauty of nature. You will also be reminded why it’s important to preserve nature.


When glamping, one of the activities you can do is visit a winery. If you’re on the Granite Belt, make sure to explore the Ballandean Estate winery, one of the first wineries in Australia. 

The Strange Bird Wine Trail, which honours the numerous unconventional grape varietals found in the Granite Belt, is well recognised for the area and Ballandean. 

A variety must make up less than 1% of all Australian-bearing vines to be deemed an alternative. Fiano, malbec, Nebbiolo, saperavi, sylvaner, and viognier are just a few of the unique varieties that can be found in the Ballandean.


Stanthorpe has no shortage of farms, so make sure to stop by one. You’ll adore their wine bottle, Jersey Girls Dairy cheese, and Suttons Farm apples. One of these irresistible farms is the Bramble Patch, a strawberry farm famous for its delicious calorie-dense treats!


The combination of luxury and seclusion found in glamping allows visitors to experience the best of nature without sacrificing the comfort and convenience of home. And with its abundance of stunning nature, relaxing atmosphere and range of activities to choose from, it is no wonder why Stanthorpe has grown to become a popular destination for glamping enthusiasts. 

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