Nestled at the heart of Queensland’s picturesque wine country, the Granite Belt captivates the senses with its abundant local produce, thriving culinary scene, and world-class wineries. A paradise for food and wine enthusiasts, the region offers a wealth of unique experiences for travellers, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local flavours and indulge in the finest handcrafted wines.

Embark on a gourmet adventure as you explore the diversity of Granite Belt’s food and wine offerings. Traverse the region’s agri-tourism attractions, meeting passionate local producers, and delighting in the warmth of authentic farm gate experiences. Discover the stories behind each bottle as you sip and sample your way through the region’s award-winning wineries and cellar doors, or venture to weekend farmer’s markets, filling your basket with the freshest local produce.

Going beyond conventional culinary experiences, the Granite Belt invites you to delve into sustainable and ethical eating practices, showcasing its commitment to preserving the environment and nurturing a thriving local food scene. From farm-to-table cuisine to organic vineyards, celebrate the green heart of this exquisite region, enriching your epicurean adventure with a touch of sustainability.

Taste the Terroir: Acclaimed Wineries and Cellar Doors

Embark on a wine-tasting journey and savour the distinct flavours of the Granite Belt, a region celebrated for producing world-class wines. With over 40 wineries and cellar doors spread across the area, visitors are spoilt for choice.

One must-visit destination is the family-owned Golden Grove Estate known for their remarkable wines and picturesque views. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, take pleasure in sampling their exquisite range of handcrafted wines and experience firsthand the passion that goes into every bottle.

Another notable winery is the environmentally-conscious Tobin Wines, where premium quality wines are crafted through sustainable viticulture practices. By blending innovation and tradition, Tobin Wines delivers an unforgettable wine-tasting experience.

Farm-to-Table Fare: Celebrating Local Producers and Seasonal Harvests

In addition to its thriving wine culture, the Granite Belt boasts an abundance of fresh, local produce that forms the cornerstone of the region’s flourishing culinary scene. Visitors are encouraged to visit local farms and partake in the growing farm-to-table movement, savouring the freshest flavours of the season.

An excellent starting point is the Granite Belt Organic Growers, a network of organic produce farmers that pride themselves on sustainable farming practices. Discover the joys of locally sourced, ethically grown, and scrumptious produce that forms the foundation of many memorable meals in the region.

For a true agri-tourism experience, don’t miss the innovative The Bramble Patch. This charming establishment offers a delightful selection of homemade preserves, jams, and chutneys, with pick-your-own berries during the harvest season.

Market Days: Discover Fresh Flavours at the Granite Belt’s Bustling Farmers’ Markets

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Granite Belt’s farmers’ markets, where the region’s culinary heritage is showcased with pride. Offering an array of farm-fresh produce, artisan foods, and handcrafted delights, these markets bring the community together in a celebration of all things local.

Make a point to visit the Stanthorpe Seasonal Feast Market, held on the first and third Saturdays of each month. With a diverse offering of local produce, gourmet treats, and artisan crafts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Get to know the area’s dedicated farmers and producers, who play an essential role in crafting the Granite Belt’s culinary reputation.

Another noteworthy market is the monthly Granite Belt Growers Artisans Market, a gathering of local producers and artisans showcasing their finest wares. From organic fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, and gourmet preserves, indulge in the authentic tastes and creations that embody the essence of the Granite Belt region.

Sustainable and Ethical Eating: Embracing the Green Heart of the Granite Belt

As your culinary journey unveils the delicious delights of the Granite Belt, consider the importance of sustainable and ethical dining. With a growing focus on conserving the environment and fostering a thriving local food scene, embracing sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the region.

Join the green movement at Wisteria Cottage and Tours, an eco-accredited cottage that offers delectable farm-to-table meals as part of their eco-tourism experiences. Their commitment to organically grown produce and reducing waste showcases the Granite Belt’s dedication to a sustainable future.

Concluding your journey at Ballandean Estate Wines, sample organic wines crafted with minimal intervention and a strong environmental focus. Their innovative wine-making techniques and eco-friendly practices reflect a genuine respect for the land, offering a glimpse into the sustainable future of the Granite Belt region.


The Granite Belt showcases a food and wine paradise brimming with authentic local experiences, fresh produce, and world-class wines. Its vibrant markets, sustainable dining options, and love for the land truly capture the essence of this picturesque region.

As you explore the Granite Belt’s culinary offerings and savour every bite, you’ll create lasting memories anchored in the vibrant tastes and unforgettable stories of this Australian gem. So gather your friends, plan your next holiday, and get ready to unearth the local delights of the Granite Belt.

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