Aside from being an excellent place for family or friends to relax and enjoy a range of fun activities, Stanthorpe is also the perfect location for a romantic weekend getaway. As well as enjoying the region’s breweries and wineries, visitors should also allocate time to explore the stunning natural sites and parks throughout the region.  But what does Stanthorpe have in store for those wanting a romantic getaway? Here are some romantic activities lovers can do when in Stanthorpe.

  1. Picnic at the Granite Belt

The Granite Belt is one of Queensland’s premier country getaway destinations. It is full of natural wonders for you to enjoy,  with a range of stunning granite outcrops and unique rock formations that will take your breath away. Although winter is the most popular season for guests wanting romantic log fires, the region’s climate makes it a wonderful place to visit all year round. 

Regardless of the season people visit, there is something awaits them—a roaring fireplace, greener grass, changing leaves, or snow dusting. Meanwhile, it is ideal for couples to have a picnic and enjoy each other’s company while being surrounded by lush greenery.

  1. Tour with Filippo’s Tours

Instead of travelling to Stanthorpe without an itinerary, it is better to ask help from a touring company to give guests a guide on which places they should visit in the area. Filippo’s Tours, one of Stanthorpe’s leading wine and food tour specialists, offers a perfect solution to try excellent wines, enjoy great food, and have the time of their lives on the Granite Belt.

Tourists can choose among four guided tours: wine lovers winery tour, wine and beer tour, twilight winery tour, and private winery tour. They can also customise the package, adding or eliminating places they would like to visit for a more unforgettable experience. Never worry about where to go or what to do in Stanthorpe today, and work with Filippo’s Tour for a more memorable trip.

  1. Sight-seeing in Bald Rock National Park

For adventurous couples, hiking in the Bald Rock National Park should redefine a romantic activity. Although it requires more work than some other romantic activities, unwinding in nature and taking in the stunning scenery together is definitely worth the effort. The national park is open to people with its picturesque walks, infinite lookouts, and boundless countryside. Meanwhile, its mountains are picture-perfect venues where couples can take many photos as a reminder of their romantic escape.

Bald Rock offers tourists a picnic area with gas barbecues and picnic tables. There are also scattered shaded spots in the picnic area to curb extreme heat during days when the sun is too high. Therefore, coming to Bald Rock is an ideal way to enjoy the serenity of nature with the person you love the most.

  1. Camp in Girraween National Park

Girraween is the perfect venue for people wanting to experience the stunning natural beauty of Stanthorpe and surrounding Granite Belt. The national park is home to plants, wildlife, and landscape that people can visit. However, aside from the scenery people can see, Girraween is also rich in history and culture. The Aboriginal custodians lived, hunted, gathered, and prospered in the area. Although many of their historical places have been lost over the years, old markings remain to commemorate their existence.


Stanthorpe is more than a place where people can try excellent wines. Instead, it is a venue with activities people can try and experience while visiting Granite Belt. Therefore, travelling to Stanthorpe might be an excellent idea for couples looking for activities they can do to celebrate their anniversary or commemorate a milestone in the relationship. Plan your next trip to Stanthorpe today and experience being close to nature.

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