When things are getting too boring at home, there is no better way to have fun with your family than with a short outdoor trip. Just three hours west of Brisbane is the Granite Belt region and Stanthorpe. 

For its locals, there is no better place to spend your days off. They have fantastic views, a wide variety of amenities, and comfortable accommodations that can turn your stressful week into a thing of the past. If you need to take your mind off work for a day and replace it with new memories of fun and excitement with your kids, it’s the perfect spot!

If it happens to be your first time exploring Stanthorpe and you have no idea where to spend the day with your kids, there’s no need to worry. We have a list of recommendations that will help you plan your trip:

1. Explore the Granite Belt Christmas Farm

If you think that Christmas couldn’t come any sooner, think again! Every day is Christmas day at the Granite Belt Christmas Farm. Aside from the fact that you can enjoy taking in the sights of their pine trees, you can also interact with their animals, including their reindeer, donkeys, and goats. 

You can even purchase a souvenir from their Mistletoe Christmas store and indulge in their sweet delicacies, including their signature Belgian hot chocolate and other handmade snacks. You do not have to worry about any admission fees as all of it can be enjoyed for free. A small price of $2 will be charged from you if your kids want to feed the animals.

2. Visit the Jamworks Gourmet Foods & Larder

If getting into the Christmas spirit isn’t really your thing, then consider indulging in some delicious treats from Jamworks Gourmet Foods & Larder. Along with a huge selection of over 80 jams and chutneys, their cafe’s menu is full of delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. Your kids may enjoy jam from the product tasting bar and even go for one of their signature chicken tenders, a perfect delicacy that will go with their in-house shakes.

The cafe serves all types of meals, from breakfast to dinner, so you will never have to worry about timing your arrival at the venue.

3. Visit the Sutton’s Juice Factory & Apple Cidery Farm

Due to the abundance of grapes and apples in the region, Stanthorpe has its own juice factories and apple cidery farms as well. One of its main attractions is Sutton’s Shed Cafe. They serve their signature apple pie that is freshly made every time. You may also enjoy their apple juice with your kids; all made naturally without any type of additives or flavouring.


These are just some of the most visited recommendations when exploring the region of Stanthorpe. While the location may indeed offer a lot of exciting activities for you and your kids to try, the suggestions above will give you the most unforgettable experiences out of all the other options.

Have fun at the Granite Belt Christmas Farm, taste a few delicious jams at the Jamworks Gourmet Foods & Larder, and sip the freshest cider at the Sutton’s Shed Cafe. Give your family a fun trip to remember, and plan out your itinerary with these special spots at the top of your list.

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